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Happy New (School) Year!

August 28, 2009

Happy New Year to all of you who have a kiddo(s) that began school recently.  I make a couple of resolutions each August, just as I did in January, but they are very different resolutions.  January tends to be about bettering myself personally, but the Back To School resolution tends to center around my kids and their new school year, how they plan to do well, and how I can help them with that.

Maybe it is the new box of crayons, sharpened pencils, and colorful folders that lure me in to thinking that the possibilities are endless for this year.  My resolutions include intentional meal planning, game night on the weekends, and no TV for the boys after school Monday through Thursdays.  Instead, homework, board games, golf practice, and playing outside.  LOVE the new year.  Enjoy~

School Days Are Here Again~

August 10, 2009
Think back to your school days.  Can you hear the school bell ring?  What about the announcements being read each morning?  I can still envision the flag being raised up the flag pole back at Glenbrook Elementary School in Streamwood, Illinois.
 Since as far back as I can remember, “back to school” time has always meant more to me than the hope that New Year’s Eve brings.  Perhaps it is all of the “new” that surrounds this time of year.  From backpacks to lunch boxes, to sharpened pencils and brightly colored crayons; I still love it all!  “Back to school” time has always meant making resolutions with both of our sons, as well as a few for myself.  Make some resolutions with your family for a successful school year.  It is time to start anew! 

Home from vacation…

August 9, 2009

Both safe and sound!  My family had an excellent trip from San Antonio, TX to Angel Fire, NM.  A total of 1600 miles in my Honda Odyssey.  So many conveniences make road trips today so much more luxurious than the road trips taken when I was little.  From DVD players to Nintendo DS, plus all of the goodies I always pack for my sons.  They both liked the puzzle books, word search books, plus the Auto Bingo cards I gave to them.  Throw in some candy, and before you know it, 12 hours has flown by!  It was such a nice vacation once we arrived at our destination, but I have to admit, the to and from may have been my favorite part.  Lots of time talking with my husband, and a variety of music from Elvis, to the Beatles, and even some Kid Rock, and The Sound of Music soundtrack.  Such fun.  Pictures to come soon. 

Looking forward to settling back into life, and getting my boys organized for a new school year!  Enjoy~