Early to bed means early to rise

I vowed to get good sleep in December, as I know it is the number one way to prevent getting sick, and who has time for that?  No one!  So far so good, especially for me.  Asleep at 10pm last night, and wide awake at 5:30am today; what to do now?

I have my list in front of me and will start there.  I am finding that I need to get the rest of my holiday “to do’s” done by Friday, so that the week of December 20th I can enjoy having my kids home with me, and not running errands all over town with them in tow. 

We have some fun things planned for that week already, such as seeing a Christmas play downtown, taking our sons and friends of theirs to a special holiday lunch, decorating our gingerbread houses, doing some baking, and even letting them open one present early.  Of course, this will be something small, but just enough to hold them over until Christmas Eve. 

Until then, I need to get going and cross some things off my list today.  Make it a great one~

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