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Verdict on the new recipe I promised to try

March 24, 2010

I posted that I would make the strawberry & goat cheese bruschetta over spring break, and I did; well, sort of.  Please read on…

My ten-year old son, Evan, asked me to adapt the recipe a bit when he saw the pretty phyllo cups in the freezer section of the grocery store.  They seemed to call him over, and he was smitten at the tasty looking pictures on the box.  Even though the packaging showed endless possibilities of fillings for those delicate little pastry cups, I told him that I had a recipe in mind that we were going to use them for.  He was good to go with that response.  So, both of my sons walked the fresh baguette we had intended to use back over to the bakery, and we were on our way. 

This will be okay, I reassured myself.  I am a good cook, and can adapt many recipes.  Basically, the original recipe called for a baguette, lightly toasted and drizzled with olive oil, topped with sliced strawberries, torn arugula, and slices of goat cheese.  I absolutely love goat cheese, and have been known to make a meal of crackers topped with room temperature goat cheese, grapes or sliced apples, some great salami, and perhaps a sliced tomato; pure heaven to me!

The result of using the phyllo cups was a very bland tasting recipe.  I was afraid that if I used any ingredient that was too wet; (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, strawberry juices), to enhance the flavors, it would result in a soggy pastry bottom.  I did not want the contents of the pastry to wind up in my guest’s laps.  The cups were crisp, which was good, the amount of arugula that actually fits in the bottom of those cups was so small, you didn’t even know it was there.  The goat cheese was of course, tasty, but the strawberries were just plain dry.     

Lesson learned: this is one recipe I will try again, and do it precisely like it was intended to be.  No harm, but that goat cheese was under appreciated.  What a waste~